“ASAN Məktub”

Sosial məsuliyyət

"ASAN Letter" project is charity project that is based on the principle "Joy increases by sharing", carrying out the desires and dreams of all people regardless of age and social status. With the help of the "ASAN letter" project wishes of children who live in orphanages in the country, from low-income families and children in need of care are carried out. People get opportunity to engage in charity through this project. "ASAN letter" has very friendly website, where people can find letters from children and have a chance to choose and buy present to them. Job of our volunteers is to help to deliver these presents to children. We call our volunteers who take presents from people and bring us as a “gasid” (ancient Azerbaijani word that means postman)

The aim of this project is to lay foundations of an indispensable social activity, to make childrens`dreams come true without any financial gain and to cause a smile on their faces, within our country that has an ancient tradition of kindness.