Presentation ceremony of internet site of  www.ixtisas.az  within “My profession is my future” on 17 September 2014.

The main purpose of the project which prepared by employee of Human Resources Training Department of State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under President of Azerbaijan Republic- Orkhan Orujzada to assist to graduates and other persons for their accurate professional choice.  www.ixtisas.az  site designed by financial support of Youth Fund under president of Azerbaijan Republic, gives to youth a professional choice opportunity through psychological tests in the line of their skills and abilities. Chief of project O.Orujzada said that, youth should know themselves at first for choice profession in line of their skills. “The main purpose of site is to help youths for their professional choice. User accessed to this site upon passed the psychological tests here will may define his professional field in accordance its responses to tests. I believe that, this project will assists for eliminate need of professional employees. Youths most direct to prestigious professions. But it may be not applicable to skills and abilities of any person and will give unpleasant results. Youths of most of the European countries can determine their potential by passing such psychological tests. They define own suitable professional field by this manner. This method helps them to determine way for accurate career and be a expert in future.