“Share book to everyone”


Everyone knows that, books play an important role for right direction of our life. It is very glad that, young people who interested in the books a lot of in our society. Books gives as a life, if it how deep and so exciting. We learn our past and to create our future by assists of books. But there are some peoples who have no opportunities to read a book. Sometimes time factor and sometime lack of interest as well as financial factors make such impossibility. Our main aim to help everyone in this filed. Taking into consideration all of these “ASAN” Volunteers public union and State Agency for Service to people and Social Innovations under President of Azerbaijan Republic hold project of “Share book to everyone”. Aim of this project to make a book reading skill among volunteers. Our volunteers who joint this project will read selected books and upon reading they will submit the books to wide audiences. The best book presenter will be awarded. 14 people of 336 who applied for participation in this project passed the first competition stage and joint this project. On 23 April on occasion of “International book and copy right” day “Bookchange” campaign held at “ASAN” Service No.2 of Baku. In the same time presentation of book “Training for competition and interview stage of Civil Service” and individual development journal of youth “ALLMAG” by employee of centre Mahammad Atakishiyev was held.  Founders of “Bookshare” club participated to this event.