Nijat Amiraslanov

Board Members


Nijat Ilham Amiraslanov– born 1st of December 1992 in Baku city.

1999-2010 studied in school No 35,from 2002 till 2007 obtained  music education at school named after Vagif Mustafa Zadeh.

Graduated from Azerbaijan State Economic University in 2010-2014. In these years was head of the Student Trade Union.

Graduated from school “Heydər Əliyev İrsi” of New Azerbaijan Party in 2011.

Was a chief of news site in 2011-2013.

Participated as international observer at Saqareco election constituency in Parliamentary elections held in  Georgia.

He was awarded 1st degree certificate of "ASAN Service"centerNo 2 operating under its supervision voluntarily being under the authority of State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijanin May-July ,2013.Practiced at individual registration department on major insurer and the Department of State Social Protection Fund on Master-2 program.

Has participated at “Public Relations” school of On DokuzMayıs University in Samsun in 2014.

Since december 2013 he headed the department of  Public Relations of organization of "ASAN Volunteers".

Since May of 2016, he is a member of the Board of Directors of "ASAN Volunteers’’ Youth Organization.

Knows English and Russian languages.