Bakhtiyar Islamov

Board Members


Bakhtiyar Gabil Islamov– born 31st of August 1995 in Baku city.

In 2001-2012 studied at secondary school No. 42. In 2012, has entered the Faculty of Buniness Administration of ADA University.

At present continues bachelor education.Attended lectures at Vienna Diplomatic Academy on International Economics in Vienna, Austria in 2014.Attended lectures at  the University of Corvinus on Economic Cooperation in Budapest, Hungary in 2014.

Led the department of Public Relations of the "ADA Student Government" in January,2014 until November.Worked as a volunteer at “ASAN Service”center No. 1 of Baku city operating on  the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijanin February and March 2014, and graduated his work with first degree.

Hepracticed at the Economic Cooperation and Development Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in July and August 2014 and graduated internship program with high degree. In 2015, worked as a supervisor at the 1st Baku European Games Operations Committee held in Baku. In September 2014 , has started activity as Coordinator at "ASAN Volunteers” Youth Organization on training sector .

Worked as the head of  Department of “Work with volunteers” of “ASAN Volunteers” Youth Organization since October 2014.

Worked as the head of  Department of International Relations and work with  organizations of “ASAN Volunteers”Organization since 2015.

In May 2016 was elected chairman of the “ASAN Volunteers” Youth Organization.

He knows English and Italian languages.